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Soluções: Engenharia (CAD, CAM, CAE, etc)
Comercializações: Distribuição
Ambientes: Mainframe, PC
Mercados: Agroindústria, Construção Civil, Educação, Energia, Governo, Manufatura, Mineração, Serviços, Saúde, Telecomunicação, Transporte


The world's most comprehensive engineering simulation inside a single integrated package
Much more than just a CFD solver, STAR-CCM+ is an entire engineering process for solving problems involving flow (of fluids or solids), heat transfer and stress.

Principais funções:
CAE soltion for:

Time: steady-state, unsteady implicit/explicit, harmonic balance

Motion: stationary, moving reference frame, rigid body motion, mesh morphing, large displacement solid stress, overset meshes

Material: single, multiphase and multi-component fluids

Multi-component multiphase: free surface (VOF) with boiling, cavitation, evaporation & condensation, melting & solidification, Lagrangian, Eulerian multiphase with boiling, gas dissolution, population balance and granular flow as well as discrete element modeling (DEM), fluid film with wave and edge-based droplet stripping

Flow: coupled flow and energy / segregated flow and fluid film with droplet stripping, melting and solidification

Regime: inviscid, laminar, turbulent (RANS, LES, DES), transition modeling. incompressible through to hypersonic

Multi-domain: porous media (volumetric and baffle), fan and heat exchanger models

Multi-discipline: finite volume stress modeling, lithium-ion battery simulation, fluid structure interaction, electromagnetic field analysis including ohmic heating, magnetic vector potential and electro-deposition coating

Heat transfer and conjugate heat transfer: solar, multi-band and specular thermal radiation (discrete ordinates or surface-to-surface)

Combustion and chemical reaction: PPDF, CFM, PCFM, EBU, progress variable model (PVM), thickened flame model, soot moments emission, and DARS CFD complex chemistry coupling interphase reactions for Eulerian multiphase

Dynamic Fluid Body Interaction (DFBI): fluid-induced motion in 6 degrees of freedom including propulsoi n and maneuvering

Aeroacoustic Analysis: fast Fourier transform (FFT) spectral analysis, broadband noise sources, Ffowcs-Williams Hawkings (FWH) sound propagation model

CAE Integration: co-simulation and bi-directional mapping between STAR-CCM+ and 1D/3D codes


The simulation solution of choice for Internal Combustion Engine development

Principais funções:
Comprehensive fuel support
Model spark ignition directly without prescription
Accurate simulation of Diesel and Gasoline injector systems
Turbulence models for a wide range of flow phenomena


STAR-Cast is an add-on module for STAR-CCM+ developed in conjunction with Access e.v., leveraging CD-adapco’s expertise in flow simulation and Access’ knowledge of casting. Integrating industry leading CFD technology with the specific models required by the casting engineer, STAR-Cast is a powerful tool for the manufacturing industry.

Principais funções:
STAR-Cast utilizes STAR-CCM+’s free surface modelling technique combined with the melting and solidification model to study high and low pressure die casting, centrifugal casting and tilt die simulation. A number of unique features are available to the user of STAR-Cast including; Mushy Zone & Flow Stop Modeling, Criteria Functions for Defect Prediction - Shrinkage, Porosity, Cooling rates

Battery Design Studio®

Battery Design Studio® is a unique tool that allows engineers to design battery cells, simulate performance, and analyse data from both simulation and test work.

SPEED - Software for Electric Machine Design and Analysis


SPEED is a specialized analysis tool for the design of electric machines such as motors, generators and alternators including the drive with inverters and their control. Backed by 25 years of experience within the SPEED Lab at the University of Glasgow, SPEED has 1500+ international users, including leading manufacturers, designers, developers and users of electric machines.

Principais funções:

• ALL-IN-ONE tool for characterizing almost all main classes of electric machines and drives

• Fast but approximate initial design within minutes

• Problem analysis, product characterization and design optimation after calibrating

• Links to STAR-CCM+ for detailed thermal & finite-volume Electromagnetic Analysis

• Embedded finite-element solver like PC-FEA for key problems and electromagnetic finite-element analysis

• Global support for more than 1.000 users worldwide

• Assisting customer requirements through optimized communication and comprehensive documentation

• Classical Electrical Machine Theory based code, first released in 1987

• Ideal training tool for new Machine Designers and in Academic teaching classroom



DARS is a stand alone tool for 0D-1D analyses of chemical processes in industrial and scientific devices.


DARS CFD is an efficient 0-D solver capable of handling gas phase kinetics and surface reactions. It includes many chemical kinetic models tailored for specific conditions and for particular chemical species, and handles both gas phase chemistry, surface chemistry and soot modeling. DARS includes several reactor tools for use with the chemical models. DARS-CFD is fully integrated with both STAR-CD and STAR-CCM+


DARS Fuel contains advanced fuel libraries and reaction mechanisms for detailed chemistry modeling in conjunction with DARS Reactive Flow Models. Plug in to STAR-CD, STAR-CCM+.

Taken together with the other in-built tools for simulating combustion and chemical reactions, STAR-CCM+ offers a comprehensive set of solutions for reaction modeling.



Optimate allows for automatic search and optimization using STAR-CCM+, giving users the ease of "click-once-and-done".

Principais funções:

Optimization Mode (Optimate+)

Optimate+ is an add-on to Optimate that adds the capability to perform automated design optimization studies using the SHERPA algorithm from Red Cedar, providing the required efficiency for optimization with complex CFD simulation. Once the design variables, parameters and optimization goals are set, the process is fully automatic inside STAR-CCM+ without any need for scripting and allowing engineers to focus on the design aspects of the product.

Design Exploration Mode (Optimate)

In this mode, Optimate can be used for design exploration studies like aero loads database, compressor maps and test replications automatically by simply setting up an initial simulation and allowing Optimate to do the rest of the work. Optimate will automatically set-up and submit jobs for all designs in the exploration space and collect and organize simulation results.


Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Software
HEEDS® MDO automates the design optimization process. With revolutionary search strategies available only in HEEDS, you can uncover new design concepts that improve products and significantly reduce development costs. Even engineers with very little design optimization experience can use HEEDS MDO to discover optimal designs — in a fraction of the time it would take to perform even a handful of manual iterations.

Principais funções:
Otimização, DOE, SHERPA